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Is Roofing Contractor O&P a Line Item on Xactimate Estimates?

Updated: Mar 17

Ever had an adjuster tell you that they are not adding General Contractor Overhead and Profit because O&P is already included in the line item in Xactimate? 

We’re not sure where they got their information, but that’s simply not true.

General Contractor O&P is manually added when creating an Xactimate and is not included in the line item.

Remember, the purpose of O&P is to allow a general contractor to grow his/her company based on reinvestment. It covers items not listed on the scope of loss, such as travel time, education, paying utilities, licensing, advertising, etc.

Here are a few tips to help you prepare to discuss O&P with adjusters: 

  1. Role play the O&P debate with your manager to better prepare for the conversation

  2. Have your homeowners sign an O&P letter on every job

  3. Educate yourself on O&P, read about it, become an expert on the subject.

  4. Ask for it on every single job, every single time!

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