• Christy S.

How to Supplement for Flashing

Updated: Mar 17

flashing Valley Liners on roof after shingles removed

Can you supplement for flashing? In a lot of cases, yeah! 

WHEN CAN YOU SUPPLEMENT FOR FLASHING? You’re probably not going to know about flashing issues until production, which means you’ll have to submit a post-production supplement. Items you should look for: 

  • Bent or damaged metal in the roof valley

  • Rust or corrosion on the metal flashing

  • Areas that require flashing but don't’ have it

Basically, if the flashing cannot be reused, you can supplement it.


Okay, we know we’re starting to sound like a broken record, but, you need photos! If you cannot prove it, you cannot supplement. Either you or your crews should take photos during the tear-off of siding and shingles.

What should you take photos of? Bent or damaged metal in the roof valley, rust or corrosion, if it doesn’t look like it can be reused or if it is missing. Also be sure to get photos of the nail holes from the previous installation.


The International Roofing Code states that corrosion-resistant flashings must be installed in a manner that “prevents moisture entry.” If we refer to this code and provide good tear off photos, the insurance company will compensate for it.

It is also beneficial to have photos showing the flashing was missing in areas where needed. Code requires flashing to be installed, so as long as the homeowner has code coverage and you have good photos to prove the flashing was missing, you’ll get more money for the claim and to complete the project right!