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Insurance Roofing Claims: Getting Approvals from Desk Adjusters

Updated: Mar 19

There are many ways that you can get claims approved without having an inspection. 

Follow these tips to be successful:

  1. TAKE GOOD DAMAGE PHOTOS Don’t expect an adjuster to approve a claim with damage photos that do not show clear damage at that particular property. Perform test squares and document damages just as an adjuster would onsite. Properly label your photos.

  2. FIND OUT WHO THE ADJUSTER IS Call into the claims department and find out which adjuster is assigned to the claim. Make sure to get the adjuster’s name (spelled correctly), phone number, and email.

  3. SEND YOUR ADJUSTER A NICE, DETAILED INFORMATION PACKAGE BEFORE THE ADJUSTER MEETING The package should include EagleViews or Hover reports, photos, storm reports, a damage assessment form, and a detailed Xactimate estimate. Include the claim number in the subject line.

Follow-up with a phone call to discuss the damages you found. Be nice and respectful and remember that these adjusters are people, too. Ask if the adjuster needs anything else for the claim file that you might be able to provide.

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