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FREE Hail Chart Marketing piece with YOUR logo - No signup required

Updated: Mar 19

Hail damage. It’s easy to see on an automobile but can be difficult to spot on a roof and siding. Chances are, homeowners are not going to give their roof a thought during a hailstorm – especially if it’s a small storm that passes quickly.

So, when you knock on their door telling them they may have damage, their first reaction may be to tell you to buzz off. The fact of the matter is, seeing is believing and if they don’t know what to look for, it’s entirely possible they won’t see the damage.

Material designed to educate homeowners are essential to help prove your point. Now, if you’re an experienced contractor, you probably have a storm map on your clipboard to prove the legitimacy of the storm. But do you have a chart that shows hail size and the damage it can cause?

At Elite, we’ve designed a life-size hail damage chart that’s sure to resonate with your potential customers. And we’re giving it to you for FREE. You can use this handy chart as a flyer, mailer, Facebook post or email blast.

To get your logo on this handy chart, it’s simple:

  1. Sign up for money making tips alerts

  2. Email marketing@eliteclaimsolutions with your company name, location and company logo (Free hail chart in the subject line).

  3. We will send you your chart within 2 business days.

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