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Four tips to getting Ice & Water Shield approved by the insurance company

Updated: Mar 18

Ice & Water Shield (IWS) is a code requirement in most locations to protect against water filtration resulting from the freeze-thaw cycle. The code states that IWS needs to be installed to cover two feet inside the exterior wall to protect the home. 

How much IWS do you need to order?

IWS is produced in three-foot rolls because most soffits are one foot. But when you’re ordering IWS, you need to account for your wall thickness and roof pitch as well. Wall thickness can be anywhere from 4.5 inches and larger, so you may need more material to make it two feet inside the exterior wall. The roof pitch also determines how much material will be needed. Roofs with a steep pitch may require up to four courses of IWS in order to reach 24 inches inside the exterior wall.

Tips to be one step ahead when communicating with an adjuster:


  2. If IWS is not installed on the roof, it is more than likely required by code and can be supplemented.

  3. If the adjuster gives you a hard time about requesting it for the valley area, remind him or her that the code also states the barrier is required anywhere that ice accumulates.

  4. CARRY A CODE SHEET TO YOUR ADJUSTER MEETING When you’re discussing the code for the area, you can show them proof onsite. This will eliminate future supplements and make you look knowledgeable and prepared.

  5. ONLY ASK FOR ITEMS YOU KNOW SHOULD BE APPROVED The code only covers heated buildings. So, unless the garage is heated, the code will not require IWS to be installed on the garage.

  6. TAKE PHOTOS If IWS is already installed on the roof, the insurance company will pay to replace it. Take a photo to prove it’s on the roof.

If you need help getting Ice & Water Shield approved on one of your insurance claims, CLICK HERE to get in touch with Elite Claim Solutions

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