• Christy S.

Building Code Coverage for Decking: How to Supplement

Updated: Mar 16

Roof decking gaps not up to code during a shingle tear off

In most cases, code requires the roof decking be replaced.

Most manufacturers’ installation instructions only allow a maximum 6 inch deck board. They also only allow gaps up to a ¼ inch, with some only allowing as little as ⅛ inch.

You will have to provide the correct code documentation along with the photos to back that request up.


If you suspect this is an issue, photos of decking can be taken before production.

  1. Ask the homeowner if you can take a look in the attic.

  2. Use your chalk to write their last name or claim number on the decking.

  3. Put your tape on it.

  4. Take some pictures from the attic.

You don’t want your homeowner to get stuck with this large out of pocket expense, so be sure to take photos showing the decking thickness, the spacing of the rafters, holes in the plank style decking, the size of the gaps in the plank style decking, and measurements of the width of those deck boards.

Measuring decking boards on a roof after shingle tear off
Decking greater than 6 inches

measuring decking board gap on a roof after shingle tear off
Decking gaps

xactimate pricing for sheathing OSB deck boards on a steep roof, written on the insurance scope of loss