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Don’t think putting that tarp out is a big deal that will get you money? Check out this example:

Original scope without tarp snapshot:

Scope with tarp highlighted snapshot: 

One of our clients submitted this job to the ECS team. After a quick photo review, we supplemented the original insurance scope for a number of items – one of them being a tarp to cover the pool. We were easily able to prove the need for a tarp with the photo the contractor submitted. Within hours, we received a new scope from the carrier with an approved supplement for $816.80!

Elite Claim Solutions (ECS) has clients all over the country who are realizing they have been leaving money on the table for years. Contracting is a tough job. We should know, ECS was built by contractors, not ex-insurance adjusters. Our sole purpose is to help other contractors.

Are you leaving money on the table?

If you replace a roof on a property with a pool, do you cover the pool to make sure debris doesn't fall in and clog the pump? Of course you do! And because you took the time to do this extra work, you should (and can) get paid for it! Most contractors don't realize these types of items should be included on insurance scopes – and therefore don’t supplement for them. Contact Elite Claim Solutions today and we will help you get paid properly for the legitimate work that you do every day.

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